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The Kayahara Judo Club was founded in 1975 by Mr. Murray Kayahara who was kindly referred to as the Father of Judo for SW Ontario Judoka’s. The Kayahara Judo Club is a registered non-profit organization geared to help children through the teachings of judo. Sensei Kayahara believed that the etiquette, discipline, and sportsmanship of Judo help build character in the youth of today.

JUDO - "The Gentle Way"

Judo is a martial art enjoyed by millions of people around the world. Men, women, boys and girls of all ages are able to participate in a sport that the entire family can enjoy together! The underlying theme in judo is mutual welfare and respect. Judo provides an emphasis on discipline and a tradition that let’s you learn from your opponents, and ultimately learn about yourself. Judo encourages a balance of skill, physical ability, and mental strength.


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We have a price list for the Kayahara Gear!  All logos will be embroidered onto the item.  Names are printed using a vinyl transfer.  All prices include...
If anyone has borrowed a gi and/or belt from the club, please make sure those are returned at the end of each night. We had a large supply of these for...

Our family loves Kayahara! We like that the sensei takes the time to help each student and are very encouraging.

Michelle Caldwell

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